Friday, October 1, 2010


Haven't written for awhile.  My 92 year old father passed away on Saturday.  It was a blessing but still difficult.  My sister and I have cared for him since our mother passed 7 years ago.  4 years ago he had a stroke and of course he wanted to live independently at home.  We worked together and made that possible for him.

It's funny how people look at you when you tell them that he lived alone.  Like you are neglecting him or something.  I have worked in nursing homes and life there is no picnic for it's residents. Yet people seem to think that is the better choice...  Anyway, after he passed my sister and I looked at each other and stated, "we have no regrets" we did the best we could and it was enough... 

I brought his ashes home today.  They gave me a folded flag with the box as he was a veteran.  That got to me more than the ashes, guess I was prepared more for them.  I'm gonna miss the old guy.  His life really sucked in the end, but he never became bitter or crabby with us.  He was always appreciative of everything we did for him.

Rest in peace Dad, you were a prince among men!

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